More and more often the media gets the question how good or bad activated charcoal is. Wonder product, trend or poison are usually the headlines with which activated charcoal is associated. But what can we believe now? We have done some research for you and in this blog post we'll provide the answer!


What is actually "activated charcoal", which is used for cosmetic and health purposes?

Activated charcoal got its use as a remedy against digestive problems more than 2000 years ago by Egyptian medicine writers. Due to its binding structure, activated charcoal is probably still known today mainly in gastrointestinal medicine. However, activated charcoal has proven to be capable of much more. Due to this binding structure activated charcoal is detoxifying. Under the microscope, activated charcoal looks like a sponge. You can imagine that this sponge absorbs everything that is harmful to the body. Experts and doctors talk about an antibacterial effect.

In summary, activated charcoal, also called medical charcoal, is a fine-grained and porous type of carbon with a large internal surface area, and is mainly regarded as an absorbent in the medical, cosmetics and chemical industries.


How activated charcoal is made?

There are many different methods of producing activated charcoal. Both vegetable and animal as well as mineral and petrochemical processes are usual here. This shows that activated charcoal is not always of natural origin.

The process of COCOBAE activated charcoal is got exclusively natural. Here we get completely free of both animal and chemically produced activated charcoal!

The manufacturing process at COCOBAE is as below:

The inner of the coconuts, which have served to produce consumer goods such as food and cosmetics, one removes the outer shell. This shell gets burned in a process lasting several hours, at high temperatures, with special Japanese stones. The resulting product already bears the name activated charcoal. This product is then ground until it is around the size of a grain of dust, i.e. less than 0.1 mm.


What are the advantages of activated charcoal for YOU?

Surely you have already heard about some effects of the miracle charcoal. But with one of the following tips you're guaranteed to be amazed or even baffled!


  1. Digestive problems

 You have firmly resolved not to eat a certain vegetable or your favorite pasta anymore, because you always have to fight with flatulence or stomach upsets after eating. Activated charcoal can help here. It binds the gases that are produced during digestion and leads them outside into the air without much fuss.


  1. Anti Aging

You'll hardly believe it, but activated charcoal slows down the aging process of our skin. How? Activated charcoal helps our organism to detoxify. Not that our body does not detoxify itself. No, our body already takes care of everything, but not so well and fast. Due to everyday stress, wrong nutrition and non-activity our cells work off these bad substances more slowly. The result is rapidly aging skin, because the cells do not regenerate as quickly. Here, detoxification can be accelerated by activated charcoal and the aging process can be slowed down.


  1. Anti-Hangover weapon

It neutralizes ochratoxins, a waste product of alcohol in wine and beer. That alcohol in excess is pure poison, we do not need to explain further at this point. What we can emphasize, however, is that activated charcoal is an extremely good antidote.


  1. Mouth and body odor

Unpleasant mouth and body odor is often due to the toxins that are just trying to find their way out of the body. Activated charcoal binds these substances through its tiny, porous and binding structure before they can even escape. This gets rid of unpleasant body odor or bad breath.


  1. Black powder and white teeth?

JEP! That this is one of our slogans is already known to some. Confirmed this fact also by several thousand of our beloved customers. Because the activated charcoal cure for white teeth binds toxins & bacteria and helps discoloration and plaque on the teeth disappear. Smokers, coffee, wine and tea consumers will know what we are talking about here. Teeth get a slightly yellow film on them and it is very difficult - if at all - to get this cleaned at the dentist for a short period of time. To avoid this and have white teeth 365 days a year, you can use natural activated charcoal gained from coconut shell.

With a use of 3-5 times a week, you get a bright white result after a very short time. We also guarantee this to our beloved customers. Because if one of our customers is not satisfied, the COCOBAE satisfaction guarantee intervenes here and the paid money is refunded!!!


What are the critics of activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal absorbs and filters what it can. This sounds good at first, but it brings dangers with it. Because the activated charcoal does not know what it is allowed to filter and what not. For example, if you regularly take tablets such as antidepressants, antihypertensives or painkillers, their substances will also be bound and filtered. Thus, these medicines lose effectiveness, which is not the purpose of these tablets.


For tips and tricks on how to get well-groomed, whiter teeth quickly and safely, just click here.


Hopefully the blog post has brought you a little closer to the activated charcoal and you give it a little trust!


Last but not least: COCOBAE activated charcoal from coconut shell.


COCOBAE activated charcoal is natural & vegan, only from controlled cultivation and complies with the guidelines of the Cosmetics Regulation. (EG) 1223/2009.