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Aktivkohle. Wunder, Trend oder doch Gift?

Activated charcoal. Miracle, trend or poison after all?

More and more often the media gets the question how good or bad activated charcoal is. Wonder product, trend or poison are usually the headlines with which activated charcoal is... Read More

The coconut - a miracle cure or a high calorie source?

The coconut is currently considered a super power in all aspects. It gets used as an all-rounder not only for skin care products and cosmetics, but also for food. But... Read More
Kokosnuss in den Händen einer Frau
Lächelnde Frau

6 tips for whiter teeth! Without pain.

No one likes teeth with discoloration, neither you nor your opponents. Learn the 6 most important tips for whiter teeth in this blog post. But before we start talking tips,... Read More

Why laughing is so important!

Laughing is a performance sport? At least that's what experts say. Hundreds of muscles are said to be involved in laughing - alone more than a dozen in the face.... Read More
Lächelnde Frau