Laughing is a performance sport? At least that's what experts say. Hundreds of muscles are said to be involved in laughing - alone more than a dozen in the face. Scientists have confirmed that a good laugh of 2 to 3 minutes has as much positive impact as jogging for 15 minutes.

And let's be honest. Converting 15 minutes of jogging into 2 minutes of laughing would be really awesome. We're talking about performance sports here - for the high-performance athletes out there, do your workout and laugh yourselves slack afterwards or before. The path to becoming a mega high performance athlete 😉



Even if it sometimes doesn't seem to be. The fact is that adults simply laugh far too little.

On average, children laugh over 300 times a day - compared to only about 15 times for adults.

But what is more beautiful than laughing or smiling? Exactly! Nothing! We are simply beautiful when we laugh. We open up when we laugh. We seem more likeable when we laugh. And the most important thing is - we are happy when we laugh. And being happy can boost our health and contribute to recovery.



Every time we laugh, our organism not only releases growth hormones that strengthen our immune system, but laughing also gets your circulation working, relieves stressful situations, and even has a rejuvenating effect. The best thing about it - it's free, a free medicine,  for which we don't even have to go to the doctor or the pharmacy. We don't need a prescription for it. The prescription is you!



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