At COCOBAE, our mission is not only to guarantee a high quality standard for our customers, but also to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. We achieve this by focusing on the following values from the very beginning:

  • Packaging: Our product packaging is mostly made of recyclable material. Even the shipping packaging we use and the filling material it contains is made of recycled paper and can be reused even after shipping.


  • Participation in the waste separation system "Der Grüne Punkt" a EU conform waste separation system.


  • CO2-saving transport routes of our suppliers: Our suppliers promise us short and efficient transport routes. Here, our deliveries will get shipped with the largest possible total deliveries, also goods from other companies and brands.


  • Fair Trade: A very important factor at COCOBAE! We and our suppliers also regularly check where the ingredients come from and whether they have been fairly traded.


In addition, all our products have of course not been tested on animals!

As you can see, we want to keep our footprint on the environment as small as possible. We are learning every day and want to do even more for our environment in the future. This is not only our promise to you, but our mission!
Do you have any ideas on how we can make COCOBAE even more environmentally conscious? Then feel free to send us an email to We are very grateful for every tip!


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