About us


my name is Nico, I'm 28 years old, I'm from Munich and I'm the founder of the little family owned company COCOBAE Teeth Whitening. 

I quickly realized that design is an important topic for me. I love beauty and pay attention to the little things that others might not even notice. A beautiful smile and white teeth are also part of that. Laughing is what makes a person complete. So my mission is to put a smile on everyone's face out there. 

This combination of smile and beauty was the start to realize my dream!


How it all began...

In 2015, on one of my trips to Asia, I first noticed the raw material activated charcoal from the coconut shell. There, it is a magic component against many things. I learned more and more about this natural product, which has achieved a real hype in Asia. A teeth whitening product without chemical bleaching, was unimaginable for me at that time. 

Back in Germany, I tested this black powder extensively. One thing in advance: my expectations were not only satisfied, but downright exceeded! So I let my friends and family test it as well... and they were also blown away by the effectiveness of the activated charcoal. Every single one of them could already see results after a very short time. 

To my regret, however, I didn't find any similar products in the drugstores in Munich. When asked, I was met only with questioning faces. So a solution was needed. Constantly importing from Asia was not an option for me. That was the birth of COCOBAE! I started looking for factories that could produce the purest activated charcoal sustainably from the burning of the coconut shell. It was a long and hard search, but I got it! 

In early 2016, my sister Annie was also so convinced about the product that she decided to cut back a bit on her main job and join me on that journey. We took all our savings and launched our first product, the COCOBAE activated charcoal powder. 

However, according to our very own design concept. We didn't want boring packaging like you find with all the other manufacturers. We wanted to create our own style. Something special!

The feedback was so overwhelming that we evolved and looked for new innovations. We launched the Stain Remover with its extra gentle grinding stone. 

Well, with some minor starting difficulties in terms of quality and communication with our suppliers, in 2018 we finally had the Stain Remover the way we really wanted it. This one was also a complete success and was incredibly well liked by our beloved customers.

But we wanted more! We wanted to make brushing your teeth an experience and make everyday life easier. So one thing was clear. We needed an activated charcoal toothpaste with our pure, natural, sustainable activated charcoal. At first, we tried to make it it by ourselves...

Our office turned out to be like a laboratory. We mixed a conventional toothpaste with the coconut charcoal. However, we did not get any presentable result.  Either "the preparation" was crumbly or the cream foamed before we could even test it. So we enlisted the help of a team of dentists and specialists and worked together to create the 3-IN-1 Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, probably the most innovative toothpaste in the world. Some say "it's just a toothpaste". We, but especially our customers say: "it is THE toothpaste"!

But! The attention to details has remained. The design always gets planned down to the smallest detail and implemented that way. Did you notice the little things on the packaging? No?! Then take a closer look... 

If you are not yet one of our beloved customers, we have only one thing to say: Try it and see for yourself!


The contact to you is very important to us, which is why both of us always respond to your requests personally! That means, whenever you send us a mail, whatsapp, fax or pigeon, you will get an answer from either Annie or Nico. We promise!

How do you end such an "about us"? Well, the same way we always answer our mails...


Mit strahlenden Grüße aus München,

Deine Annie von COCOBAE

Dein Nico von COCOBAE


This means as much as:

With bright smiling greetings from Munich,

Your Annie at COCOCBAE

Your Nico at COCOCBAE