Probably the most innovative toothpaste in the world!

3-IN-1 Charcoal Toothpaste by COCOBAE

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White teeth in just a few days...

...everyone says so! For us, teeth whitening is a synonym for white teeth in a gentle and natural way - without SLS, no bleaching agents and no glycol. This means long-term healthier teeth without pain for teeth and gums.

Of course, you'll also get naturally white teeth from it after a few days, but just in healthy!

The ♥ of our products... the activated charcoal from the coconut shell! There is hardly a natural product that is so multifunctional and effective at the same time. It absorbs bacteria & impurities like a sponge and is highly antibacterial. Nicotine, coffee and tea stains will belong to the past with this miracle product. Our innovative 3-IN-1 powered formula raises the activated charcoal to the next level.

30 Days-Money-Back-Guarantee

Should you ever be dissatisfied with one of our products, or you can see no difference in the degree of whitening, you can easily make use of our risk-free 30 Days-Money-Back-Guarantee.

Quite hassle-free. Just contact our customer service.


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Our contribution to a better environment ♻

At COCOBAE we do not only have the mission to guarantee the highest possible quality products for our customers, but also to keep our eco-footprint as low as possible. We achieve this by focusing on the following values since the beginning:

- Packaging: Our product packaging is made mostly from recycled... more

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